I am based at New Delhi,India. After having spent over 30 years across financial services, media, capital markets and investment banking, I suddenly fell in love with photography in the year 2011. Since then I have gradually withdrawn from all that I have been doing all these years and moved on passionately into pursuit of beautiful art of photography.


I am more drawn towards shooting and  then crafting photographs into an art form. These art images have been created by a long drawn out process applied over own shot photographs and crafting them into an art form of painting by evoking shapes,colors,light,shadows,etc


With every passing day, I am enjoying this beautiful pursuit of creating colorful visual treats  that enriches  me inside out. I hope you would enjoy my crafted fine art as much as I enjoy creating  them. I do love traveling all around the globe and photography has given me a new dimension to all what I see and the way I see.  Thank you for visiting my virtual gallery!


Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions , photo requests. collaborative proposals etc. I can be reached on contact@vinodmadhok.com or +91-9810034696.





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